Can I wear jeans in Bangkok? (2024)

Can I wear jeans in Bangkok?

Wearing them is fine, especially when you have a stylish pair. For a night out, a pair of nice jeans is much preferred. Shorts are pretty common in most bars catering towards Westerners, and they're fine in many casual Thai nightspots too.

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Is it too hot to wear jeans in Bangkok?

Thais wear jeans, but it's safe to say that most Westerners aren't acclimated to the heat and will be waaay too hot. Jeans also take a long time to dry on a clothesline and are heavy in your suitcase. 100% cotton shirts take a long time to dry compared to shirts with cotton blends.

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Do people wear jeans in Thailand?

If you're at a Thai shopping mall, movie theatre or another casual public place, take a moment and look around and you'll see that very few men are wearing shorts. Even if it's 90+ degrees outside (which it probably is since this is Thailand after all), most men will wear long pants or jeans.

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What is the dress code for Bangkok?

You should avoid off-shoulder tops, sleeveless tops and tank tops. You might be denied entry if you go to a temple wearing a short dress or a mini skirt. For men, if you plan on wearing shorts, then go for the long ones like capris. If your pants are above knee-length, then you will be denied entry.

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How do you dress like a local in Bangkok?

The basic rule is to cover your shoulders and knees (both sexes), and ideally, you'd cover your ankles too. On the bottom, wear longer shorts, capris, pants/trousers or a knee-length-or-longer skirt. On top, choose any shirt that fully covers your shoulders and has zero cleavage.

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What not to bring to Thailand?

Prohibited Goods
  • Obscene objects/literature/pictures.
  • Obscene literature and pornographic materials.
  • Goods with an improper Thai flag design.
  • Narcotics*
  • Fake currency, bonds, or coins.
  • Fake Royal Seals/official seals.
  • IPR infringing goods e.g. musical tape, CD, VDO, computer software, etc.
  • Counterfeit trademark goods.

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How to not look like a tourist in Thailand?

Top Ten Tips To Not Look Like a Tourist in Bangkok
  1. Don't Dress Like a Backpacker. ...
  2. Don't Travel With a Backpacker Type Backpack. ...
  3. Don't Stay at a Hostel. ...
  4. Don't Order Pad Thai, Order Pad See Ew. ...
  5. Do Eat Non-Thai Food. ...
  6. Don't Hang Out at GoGo Bars. ...
  7. Don't Get a Massage, But Do It Anyway. ...
  8. Don't Take a TukTuk.
Jul 27, 2017

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Do I need to wear a bra in Thailand?

For women, when walking around - do wear a bra. Thais frowns upon western women they see bra-less.

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Are leggings OK in Thailand?

The dress code is simple really, for both men and women, knees and shoulders must be covered. Additionally, no see-through clothing or skin-tight clothing. So, ladies, this means no leggings, please! The majority of the temples in Bangkok don't strictly enforce this dress code.

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Can you wear flip flops in Thailand?

Flip-flops are a quintessential footwear option for Thailand's laid-back vibe. Perfect for strolling along the beach or around beach towns, they offer convenience and easy on-off access. Tip: Choose flip-flops with sturdy soles and comfortable straps for all-day wear.

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What should I wear at night in Bangkok?

Example: Gentlemen can wear long trousers, closed shoes and sleeved tops. Women can wear a pair of black pants, with a stylish top and closed shoes or high heels. Thailand has managed to develop a nightlife side that fulfils the highest standards. Bangkok is known to have some of the best Sky bars in Asia.

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Can I wear all black in Thailand?

As a visitor to Thailand you don't have to wear black or white and you aren't expected to go to the same lengths as the local people. But as a guest in the country there are some simple ways to show respect that will be appreciated by locals.

Can I wear jeans in Bangkok? (2024)
Can I bring a girl to my hotel room Bangkok?

Can you bring girls to your hotel in Thailand? You can bring one lady in your room without any charges, but by bringing two ladies at the same time we'll charge you 500 Baht. 2. She may leave either her Identification card, Passport, or Driver's License before she goes to your room and while she is in your room.

How can I be polite in Bangkok?

  1. Dress appropriately. In most instances, this simply means Dress like you would when visiting friends or family, though leaning to the conservative side. ...
  2. Smile and Wai. ...
  3. Do not touch people's heads. ...
  4. Do not lose your cool. ...
  5. Be polite with photography. ...
  6. Give taxi drivers small tips.

What are the best things to buy in Thailand?

Whether you're looking for a souvenir or a gift, here's a delightful list of what to buy in Thailand:
  • Thai Silk. The Thai Silk is a symbol of elegance and luxury. ...
  • Handmade Jewelry. ...
  • Traditional Thai Clothing. ...
  • Thai Handicrafts. ...
  • Thai Spa Products. ...
  • Exotic Thai Spices. ...
  • Thai Ceramics. ...
  • Thai Snacks and Sweets.
Oct 3, 2023

Can you eat fruit in Thailand?

Harmful pathogens may be lurking in any raw foods including fruits and vegetables. Although it may be appetising to eat sliced fruits on a hot day, it's better to opt for peelable fruits like banana. You may eat sliced fruits if the vendor slices the fresh fruit and prepares it for you on the spot.

What should I wear on a plane to Thailand?

Pack appropriate clothing suitable for the tropical climate, including lightweight and breathable clothes, as well as comfortable footwear. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. For currency, the official currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB).

Should I take jeans to Thailand?

Shorts or trousers

Wearing them is fine, especially when you have a stylish pair. For a night out, a pair of nice jeans is much preferred. Shorts are pretty common in most bars catering towards Westerners, and they're fine in many casual Thai nightspots too.

What should I be careful of when visiting Thailand?

Travellers may experience sexual assault, other assault and robbery. Be extra careful in tourist spots such as Khao San Road in Bangkok and the night-time entertainment zones in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Be aware of drink-spiking. Don't drink homemade or local cocktails.

Can I wear white in Thailand?

DON'T wear anything white.

Because that's what will happen if you decide to wear glistening white in a Thailand downpour (which will, essentially, be quite rude to modest Thai locals). Just do yourself a favor and leave the white clothing at home — it'll likely get dirty anyways. Dark or semi-dark clothing is best!

What is unacceptable behavior in Thailand?

Touch someone's head, or pass something over another person's head. Show displays of affection in public. Couples kissing or hugging in public is considered rude and inappropriate. Wear short shorts, low-cut tops, or revealing clothes.

Can I wear crop tops in Thailand?

You'll see many Thais wearing the same. Nothing wrong with straps, crop tops and short shorts (assuming they are tasteful ie you are not "hanging out of them"). If anything Thai women are jealous of dressing like this.

Can I wear pink in Thailand?

In Thailand, each day of the week corresponds to a specific colour: Sunday (red), Monday (yellow), Tuesday (pink), Wednesday (green/grey), Thursday (orange), Friday (blue), and Saturday (purple). Wearing the designated colour is believed to bring good luck and ward off negative energy.

Do I need to carry toilet paper in Thailand?

Wiping after using a toilet in Thailand

Unless you are at a very westernized place such as a mall, you better make sure you are carrying some sort of wipe; toilet paper or baby wipes. Thai people don't use toilet tissue in the same way others might. Instead, they use water to wash themselves to get clean.

What should I pack for 2 weeks in Thailand?

Clothes to pack include:
  • Pair of trousers/dress (for rooftop bars and fancy restaurants)
  • Polo shirt(s) or shirt with collar.
  • An outfit to cover knees and shoulders when visiting temples and royal sites.
  • Shorts/culottes.
  • T-shirts.
  • Swimming costume/trunks.
  • Sarong.


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