Can you move your arm with a torn tendon? (2024)

Can you move your arm with a torn tendon?

While most people with a torn distal tendon will still be able to move their arms reasonably well, they will usually see a decrease in arm palm-up rotation strength. Because of this, many of them may choose surgical treatment.

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Can you move with a torn tendon?

Once the tendon tears, moving the joint through the full ROM is difficult. With a rotator cuff tear, for instance, the arm cannot go to the sides or overhead. Another example is the quadriceps, making the upper leg difficult to move without pain.

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How do I know if I tore a tendon in my arm?

With a biceps rupture, most people report feeling or hearing a “pop” at the shoulder or elbow when the tendon breaks. People also notice: Severe pain that may go away after a few days. Bruising and sometimes swelling in that part of the arm.

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Can you still use your arm with a torn tendon?

If you tear the biceps tendon at the shoulder, you may lose some strength in your arm and have pain when you forcefully turn your arm from palm down to palm up. Most people can still function at a high level with a biceps tendon tear around the shoulder and only need simple treatments to relieve symptoms.

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Can you move your arm with a torn bicep tendon?

Once torn off, the biceps tendon at the elbow will not grow back to the bone and heal. Other arm muscles make it possible to bend the elbow fairly well without the biceps tendon. However, they cannot fulfill all the functions of the elbow, especially the motion of rotating the forearm from palm down to palm up.

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How do you tell if a tendon is torn or strained?

Tendon Tear Symptoms
  1. A snap or pop at the affected area.
  2. Severe and excruciating pain.
  3. Immediate bruising.
  4. Pain and discomfort that worsens with tendon use.
  5. A “crunchy” sound or feeling (crepitus) with tendon use.
  6. Severe weakness.
  7. Reduced range of motion.
  8. Inability to bear weight, especially in Achilles Tendon Tear.

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What does a torn arm tendon feel like?

The most obvious symptom will be a sudden, severe pain in the upper part of your arm or at the elbow, depending on where the tendon is injured. You may hear or feel a "pop" when a tendon tears. Other signs that you may have torn a biceps tendon can include: Sharp pain at the shoulder or elbow.

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Can a ripped tendon heal itself?

Most tendon injuries get better on their own, but complete recovery is difficult to achieve—regardless of age. “Tendons often heal in young athletes; however, it takes a long time, and function and elasticity never go back to the same level as before the injury,” Sheyn said.

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How do I know if I tore a ligament or a tendon?

A tendon injury will typically cause increased pain with contraction of the tendon's associated muscle, while a ligament injury will not cause pain since ligaments attach bone to bone. Both types of injuries, however, can result in increased pain with joint movement.

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How do I know if I tore a muscle or tendon?

A mild muscle strain may cause some pain and weakness. Severe muscle strains involve much (or even complete) tearing. People often hear the muscle "pop" when the injury happens. This may result in extreme pain and not being able to use that muscle.

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What happens if you ignore a torn tendon?

It can lead to tendinosis, which is a far worse, more painful, condition. Tendinosis means a tendon has ruptured and it can lead to further tendon degeneration and abnormal blood vessel growth.

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What happens if a bicep tendon tear is left untreated?

Complete tears of the biceps tendon at the elbow do not heal back to the bone without surgery. There is loss of strength with elbow flexion and especially forearm rotation and often ongoing achy or cramping-type pain in the arm if the tendon is not repaired.

Can you move your arm with a torn tendon? (2024)
Is a torn tendon an emergency?

If you tear or rupture a tendon or ligament, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor needs to see how severe the injury is before it starts to swell. Swelling makes these injuries harder to diagnose.

When is it too late to repair a torn bicep tendon?

Optimal timing for surgery is within the first 2 weeks of injury. Primary repair can be performed up until 6 weeks from injury. Beyond 6 weeks, patients will often need augmentation of the tendon with a graft (allograft) to extend the tendon in order to complete a repair.

Does a torn bicep tendon hurt all the time?

Even if you don't experience sharp pain, a biceps tear often causes ongoing pain and tenderness in your shoulder or arm.

How do I know if I tore a tendon in my forearm?

Signs and Symptoms

If a tendon is completely ruptured or lacerated, you will not be able to bend part of your arm or hand . This lack of movement can involve just a small area in your hand, or it can be the inability to move multiple joints in the arm. The level of impairment depends on where the injury is located.

Does a tendon tear hurt to touch?

You may also experience tenderness in the area of the damage, which means the tendon is sensitive to touch or pressure.

How do they check for tendon damage?

An X-ray can show any bone-related problems or bits of calcium in tendons or joint structures. An MRI can show small tears and areas of tendon, ligament, cartilage, and muscle injury. An ultrasound can show thickening, swelling, or tears in soft tissues such as the bursae and tendons.

How long does a torn arm tendon take to heal?

Complete tears may require a bicep tendon surgery, after which it takes 6-9 months to recover completely. Keeping the arm immobile by use of a sling, putting no strain on the bicep, and light exercises to prevent forming of scar tissue are necessary in the initial six weeks post-surgery.

How long does a strained arm tendon take to heal?

Bicep tendon injuries can take months to heal. Most people with bicep tendon injuries who receive appropriate treatment will begin to see improvement in two to three months. For more severe cases, treatment may include surgery and longer recovery time.

How do you fix a torn tendon in your arm?

The damaged or torn ends of the tendon are sewn together. If the tendon has been severely injured, a tendon graft may be needed. In this case, a piece of tendon from another part of the body or an artificial tendon is used. If needed, tendons are reattached to the surrounding tissue.

What are the 4 symptoms of tendonitis?

The most common symptoms of tendonitis include:
  • Pain at the site of your tendon and the surrounding area. ...
  • Stiff joints or difficulty moving your joints.
  • Hearing and feeling a cracking or popping sensation when you move.
  • Swelling, often with skin discoloration (red to purple or darker than your natural skin tone).
Jul 18, 2023

Does a torn ligament hurt all the time?

A fully torn ligament, or grade 3 tear, can cause chronic pain and joint instability. Complete tears rarely heal naturally. Since there's a disconnect between the tissue and any chance of blood supply, surgery is needed. Surgery also helps the joint heal correctly and reduces the chances of re-injury.

How can I speed up tendon healing?

Here are ways for you to speed up your recovery.
  1. 1# Use the RICE First Aid Protocol: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Rest the affected body part. ...
  2. 2# Take Pain Medications. Your orthopedic doctor will likely advise over-the-counter ibuprofen as it relieves both pain and inflammation. ...
  3. 3# Stretch and Ambulate.

What is the difference between a tendon tear and a ligament tear?

Because tendons have better blood supply than ligaments, tendon injuries tend to heal faster than ligament injuries of comparable severity. Both ligament tears and tendon tears are serious conditions that can cause intense pain and irreversible impairment if left untreated.


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